Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair & Water Proofing

There are a number of different types of cracks in the foundation, here are some of the common types.

Vertical Cracks

Vertical cracks are frequently caused by shrinking of concrete during the curing process. Usually not a structural concern however can cause water damage and mold resulting in health concerns. CrackHunters offers repair services that can be done from the inside of the basement that minimize damage and avoid costly excavation.

Lateral Pressures

Lateral Pressures causing walls to Stress and Bow. Horizontal cracks require the care and experience of a professional technician. If not taken care of before increasing to ¼”. This may require Epoxy and Carbon Fibre Bracing.

Structural Materials

Tie Rods or Snap Ties can be a source of water infiltration. Metal nails or rods used in the forming process can overtime allow water to penetrate through foundation walls. CrackHunters offers a long term solution to the sealing of Tie Rods and Snap Ties.

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