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Maria & Irwin G. – Edmonton

“My wife and I were renovating an old house and found multiple cracks in the foundation that had leaded water over the years. Crack Hunters came in and sealed the cracks over several sessions. It happened that it was a very wet summer and we could see for ourselves that the treated cracks were water tight, while the untreated cracks continue to leak. After two cold Edmonton winders, the polyurethane retained its ability to expand and contract as necessary and the basement remained absolutely dry. We are very pleased with the results and service from CrackHunters”

Dr. S. Bagchee – St. Albert

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the timely and very effective repairs your company recently made to the basement cement foundation of our bungalow. What I am most grateful about is your personal responsibility and unusually high attention to customer satisfaction. Especially your voluntary post repair inspection to make sure the repairs were perfect, which of course they were.”

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The Crack Hunter