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Welcome to our Feb. 2018  issue ” Foundation Cracks In Your Building, Condo or Parkade”.  The information I will be providing is relevant to all home owners, property managers, and contractors. Please forward this information to friends, families, and colleagues so more people can be informed.
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Foundation Cracks In Your Building, Condo, or Parkade

Foundation cracks in every type of apartment and condo building, as you might expect, are quite common in Canada, with the temperature and ground movement we can experience here. Many foundation cracks aren’t too concerning — in the case of shifting foundations and/or “settling” property. Others, due to substandard construction or erosion, are more serious, even dangerous.

brick wall cracked

Relying On Quick Fix Methods May Not Be A Solid Solution

Foundation cracks may not always be a sign of a serious and expensive underlying problem but, once you notice them, you can be certain that they require the services of an expert foundation contractor with the experience to do an excellent foundation repair job, not an amateur DIYer who may rely only on a layer of cement or a bonding agent — both quick fixes — to repair the crack. You’ll need a permanent foundation repair solution, such as basement waterproofing.

Opt For A Foundation Repair Expert If Any Of The Below Conditions Exist:  Noticed any cracks? Unsure if you need a foundation crack repair expert to visit your condo, apartment or multi-dwelling buildings? 

  1. Flaking concrete
  2. Cracked walls
  3. Floor cracks and gaps (e.g. cracks in basement floor)
  4. Calcium stains
  5. Wet basement
  6. Leaky basement
  7. Pyrite
  8. Water damage
  9. Soil shifting
  10. Sloping landscape
  11. Sagging floors
  12. Warped ceilings
  13. Concrete contraction
  14. Poorly fitted doors and windows
  15. Crumbling Concrete

crack in concrete

What should you do if you see any of those signs?

Don’t be alarmed if you see any of these signs in your condo, apartment or multi-dwelling property — many do not pose any serious structural risk. The major issue with foundation cracks is water damage to the foundation and/or basement of your condo or apartment building, which is conducive to allergies, asthma attacks and/or mold.

While your property’s foundation cracks may not be serious, they can still bring about water-related issues that can result in foundation erosion — if this water is permitted to constantly make its way into your basement via your foundation.

Bottom line: It’s always a wise choice to consult a foundation specialist to determine if a foundation crack is normal or an indicator of a serious issue and make sure you obtain a customized solution for your Building. This is where Crackhunters comes in. We specialize in long term foundation repair solutions. Our inspections are Free of Charge!

concrete wall crack

No matter what the season, periodically inspecting your home, inside and out, is the best defense to detect foundations problems early, or to prevent them altogether. Please feel free to contact Crackhunters to book a free foundation inspection. If you would like more information on our preventive measures to protect your foundation. We’re here to help, Or 

Mahmood Dewji


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