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Welcome to our August 2017 issue “4 Common Causes of Foundation Settlement ” The information I will be providing is relevant to all home owners, property managers, and contractors. Please accept our sincere thanks for letting us serve you. In the rush of business life, we may fail to say thanks loud enough to be heard, but you can be sure your patronage is never taken for granted. Our aim is to please and satisfy you.
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4 Common Causes of Foundation Settlement

Do you have foundation cracks, wall cracks, sticking doors and windows and sloping floors? Foundation cracks due to differential foundation settlement can be caused by several conditions.

Frost Heave

Building codes that require at least 30 inches for a building’s footing depth were established to resist frost heave from ice expansion in the ground during the winter months. The top layer of soil has gone through these types of changes over the decades and is typically not very compacted.

Soil type

Some soils, like those we have here in the Alberta area, are classified as expansive clay. This type of soil changes volume when its moisture content changes. The soil shrinks in the dry summer and fall, when the rain quits falling as seen by cracks in ground. When the moisture returns to the soil during the winter and spring due to higher quantities of rain and snow, the soil swells back to its previous volume.

This type of differential movement can be seen in houses that have cyclical cracks which open and close, doors rubbing the frames part of the year during the various seasons. Watering along the exterior house foundation may help control this movement, but should be started very early in the year.

Varying Foundation Depth

Foundations that are supported at different soil depths are likely to settle differentially. This condition is typical when a shallow foundation is placed near a deeper basement foundation or on sloping lots.

Water leaks

In older homes, underground waste piping and/or underground downspout piping can crack or break. When the piping fails; water leaks along the footing, softening the soil, causing the foundation to settle differentially.

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